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Traverse City, Michigan

HistoryEdit Traverse City is named after the Grand Traverse Bay, which the city heads. The bay earned its name from 18th-century French voyageurs who made la grande traverse[a], or "the long crossing", across the mouth of bay.[14] Downtown Traverse City as viewed from West Grand Traverse Bay In 1847, Captain Boardman of Naperville, Illinois, purchased the land at the mouth of the Boardman River at the head of the west arm of the bay. During that year the captain, his son, and their employees built a dwelling and sawmill near the mouth of the river. In 1851 the Boardmans sold the sawmill to Hannah, Lay & Co (Perry Hannah, Albert Tracy Lay and James Morgan), who improved the mill greatly. The increased investment in the mill attracted additional settlers to the new community. As of 1853, the only operating post office in the Grand Traverse Bay region was the one located at Old Mission, which was then known as "Grand Traverse." While in Washington, D.C. in 1852, Mr. Lay had succeeded in getting the U.S. Post Office to authorize a new post office at his newer settlement. As the newer settlement had become known as "Grand Traverse City," Lay proposed this name for its post office, but the Post Office Departmentclerk suggested dropping the "Grand," in the name, as to limit confusion between this new office and the one at nearby Old Mission. Mr. Lay agreed to the name "Traverse City" for the post office, and the village took on this name. In December 1872, rail service arrived in Traverse City via a Traverse City Rail Road Company spur from the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad line at Walton Junction. This opened up the area to settlement and industrial development. ClimateEdit Its location near the 45th parallel is tempered by the strong and moderating effects of Lake Michigan and Grand Traverse Bay, which have a particularly noteworthy effect on the peninsulas that branch north of the city. As a result, they have viticulture and Cherryorchards.[15] Consequently, it generally experiences warm, mild summers and severe winters. Lake Michigan especially, but also Grand Traverse Bay, greatly impact the area's diverse coastal weather patterns, which occasionally consist of sudden and/or large amounts of precipitation during the seasonally active periods. Lake-effect snowfallconstitutes a large percentage of the total annual snow accumulation, which averages around 80 inches (203 cm).[16] Periods of snowfall typically last from November to April, although light snow as late as May or as early as September sometimes occur. Traverse City's record high temperature is 105 °F (41 °C),recorded in 1936, and its low temperature is −33 °F (−36 °C), recorded on February 17, 1979. Climate data for Traverse City, MichiganFebAprSepDecYearRecord high °F (°C)59 (15)58 (14)82 (28)88 (31)97 (36)104 (40)105 (41)100 (38)96 (36)86 (30)77 (25)62 (17)105 (41)28.5 (−1.9)31.0 (−0.6)40.5 (4.7)54.4 (12.4)66.4 (19.1)76.2 (24.6)80.7 (27.1)78.5 (25.8)70.6 (21.4)57.8 (14.3)44.6 (7)33.0 (0.6)55.18 (12.88)15.9 (−8.9)15.7 (−9.1)22.3 (−5.4)34 (1)45 (7)52.9 (11.6)58.3 (14.6)57.5 (14.2)50.3 (10.2)39.7 (4.3)31.0 (−0.6)21.7 (−5.7)37.03 (2.77)Record low °F (°C)−23 (−31)−33 (−36)−30 (−34)1 (−17)16 (−9)29 (−2)31 (−1)29 (−2)26 (−3)13 (−11)−5 (−21)−10 (−23)−33 (−36)Averageprecipitation2.58 (65.5)1.50 (38.1)1.80 (45.7)2.72 (69.1)2.46 (62.5)3.07 (78)3.05 (77.5)3.31 (84.1)3.59 (91.2)3.24 (82.3)2.71 (68.8)2.35 (59.7)32.40 (823)23.1 (58.7)13.2 (33.5)8.2 (20.8)2.8 (7.1)0.1 (0.3)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)0.2 (0.5)7.2 (18.3)19.5 (49.5)74.3 (188.7)Average precipitation days(≥ 0.01 in)17.012.311.410.910. snowy days(≥ 0.1 in) #1: NOAA [17]Source #2: (record lows and highs)[18]

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